2020 Toyota Hilux SR5 Review

2020 Toyota Hilux SR5 Review

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2020 Toyota Hilux SR5 Review – The new Toyota HiLux news off the coast of Australia is always a huge deal. Toyota has always been a popular family at the top of the local sales charts, with more than 4.1 homes in the first four months alone. And with the new – well, renewed … – model expected to land in Australia as early as July this year, there will be plenty of buyers excited about the location.

2020 Toyota Hilux SR5 Review

The question is, should you eliminate a MY19 deal? Or hold for the renewal model? To help you with this much decision, here’s everything you need to know about Toyota HiLux 2020.

First, the good stuff; the new HiLux comes with a new safety suite, enhancing the credibility of active workhorse safety to a level that rivals the brand’s automotive range.

As we have reported, the HiLux model year will feature Toyota’s latest offering of Safety Sense (TSS) technology, which includes Emergency Auto Brake (AEB) as standard across the board. More advanced versions of the technology also include lane departure alerts, adaptive cruise control and high-beam automatic headlights, as well as roadside and AEB detection with pedestrian and cycling detection, but it is unclear what version of HiLux, in Receives, if available, packaged versions of the TSS suite as standard.

Either way, that’s good news, and it’s the HiLux elevator to Ford Ranger – a level of safety, with Blue Oval now presenting AEB right across its family, including off-road-focused Raptor.

Now, not so good stuff; while Toyota is rolling out Apple CarPlay and Android Auto across some of its passenger car range, given the entire fleet equipping eventually, Australia’s best-selling car will be a real phone-mirror. Any time soon.

In the recent launch of the RAV4 brand SUV, Toyota announced it will embrace the real mirror phone technology phone, with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to begin entry in the fourth quarter ;. But despite the updated HiLux due to arrive in Australia mid-year, it is understood that Apple CarPlay and Android Auto will not be available at this stage.

The problem is apparently the HiLux multimedia system, which is a different unit to the one that appears in most of Toyota’s car. This understanding of HiLux customers need to wait for a great face lift before the technology can be offered.

As of now, this is a model year update, and is probably best regarded as a light refresh rather than a widespread facial lift, so expect the engine / transmission combination as well as trim levels to remain unchanged. Stay tuned, meaning Workmate, SR, SR5, Rugged, Rugged and Rugged X models provided with 1/4 petrol, 2.4 dt or

Sources have hinted at the possibility of new colors and interior treatments for new vehicles, but if you are hanging out for a ranger-rivalling model we would say one entry with this update.
Watch this space for more information.