2021 Toyota Land Cruiser 79 Series

2021 Toyota Land Cruiser 79 Series

2021 Toyota Land Cruiser 79 Series – The rumors that claim the next generation of Toyota’s gargantuan land Cruiser will make the industry’s golfing surfing, getting harder. The off-Roier will get a high-tech makeover, but it will remain as rough as ever. In 2021 the country is Cruiser available with a petrol V8 in the United States, among other markets, and with a diesel-burning V8 in countries such as Australia. All signs indicate on both eight cylinders that come with the current generation model. Japanese magazine Best Auto-taught Toyota will argue there is a substitute for displacement by the country Cruiser to make available with twin-Turbo V6 engine borrowed from Lexus.

2021 Toyota Land Cruiser 79 Series

The 3.4-litre six makes 416 horsepower and a strong 442 pound-feet of torque when bolted into the Lexus LS. Buyers will also have the option to order a hybrid power supply built around the aforementioned V6 (and, funny, not to be the 3.5-litre six in the LS 500h), and a V6 turbodiesel will be presented in some markets – definitely not ours. Each drivetrain will drive quad and an automatic transfer drive.

Called 300 series internally, the next-generation land Cruiser allegedly will be a bit shorter than the current, 200 series model (photo), but it will be just as broad. Its height will vary slightly from market to market. This will be heavier, especially when equipped with the hybrid powertrain, but it will at least match the 2020 model’s robust 8 100-pound-towing capacity. It goes without saying that Toyota will build the off-roier on a learning frame.

While the Japanese firm has refused to comment on that in the store for the model, managers have emphasized it will not lose any of its off-road capacity. “Whatever we bring forth will be able, and I think our loyal owner base will be very happy, ” promised Sean Hanley, the vice president of sales and marketing for Toyota’s Australian division, in an interview with Carsales. Australia is the country Cruiser’s second largest market; The Middle East is the largest. Toyota can not water in the country Cruiser if it wants to keep its target audience in the kraal.

Toyota is expected to introduce the next generation of land Cruiser in July or August of 2020, over 62 years after it sells the very first example in the United States, but the off-roier cannot come in American show rooms to the 2022 Model year. Additional information will come to the fore in the weeks leading to its official unveiling. The Lexus LX, who has always been a luxurious variant of the country Cruiser, will accept the new underpinch and the down-size powertrains in 2022.

Toyota works on the 300 series and says there is a debut planned for August. It also says that the new model of a 4.6-litre petrolv8 will vary to a 3.5-litre V6 hybrid. Not only that, there is apparently a CVT-car that corresponds to it, which automatically replaces the current six-speed.

It might look a little far, but Toyota said that it intends to provide an electrified power source option for all its vehicles with approximately 2025. In December 2017 the company sent out a statement that said, among other things:

“At about 2025, each model in the Toyota and Lexus-lineup will be available to the world as either a dedicated electrified model or a electrified option. At approximately 2030, Toyota attempts to completely exceed the annual Sales 5 500 000 electrified vehicles, or more than half of its global sales. The figure includes more than 1 000 000 Zero emission vehicles. “

Swing back to the rumor, it is said that the engine will be a 3.5 litre which produces 220kW and 356Nm. Looking at the torque figure we do not indicate the twin-Turbo V6 as initially thought. Instead, it can rely on the electric motor to help provide a large and direct elevator in torque. Although, with the Twin-Turbo package, as we saw in the Lexus LS 500, torque can be as high as 600Nm of the engine itself.

It is unknown what will happen with the current 4.5 litres, twin-Turbo V8 diesel. In Australia It is a much more popular engine for the name plate, to the point where the local arm the 4.6 gasoline option from the series completely in August 2019. The diesel unit can still be presented in some markets, especially Australia, probably with tuning and more advanced emissions controlled to help meet the latest and future regulations. Toyota is another official confirmation to provide.

As for the chassis, a ladder-style setup is set to wear to provide optimal accountability. The Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) can however be used, but it will have to be very adjusted to facilitate solid as rear suspension.

The body layout is expected to continue like the 200 series, which will take a page-like push shape. Toyota’s latest leading-line lattice design is set to be applied, with modern LED headlights and clothing forces. According to the report, the overall dimensions of 5mm in length will grow, around 2mm in height, with the crossbase extended by around 50mm.toyota land cruiser 2021 spy shots ,2021 toyota land cruiser 300 ,land cruiser 2022

These changes should bring a little more within space, or, perhaps more accurately, optimization of the available kajvolume. Both five-and seven-seater layouts will probably continue in several markets, with a new touchscreen coming up by default. Safety technology will no doubt be updated considerably, with things like autonomous emergency brake comes as standard on all variants.

We need to replicate that many of these are based on rumors and Toyota is not yet to provide official light on the 300 series. Let’s hope that the August public date is correct, however, so that we can finally know for sure.

In Australia the Toyota Land Cruiser reported 13 802 sales in 2019. This, surprisingly, is at 0.9 percent on 2018 attempts. This is despite the current generation model that has been over for more than 10 years now. ARC competitor Nissan Patrol reported 1951 sales, but it was year-to-date increase was an impressive 55 percent, most likely due to the launch of the new model.