2021 Toyota Sienna Concept

2021 Toyota Sienna Concept

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2021 Toyota Sienna Concept – “Toyota Sienna will enter another year without a complete redesign at this point,” he said. The current generation dates back to 2011 and continues for the tenth year as detailed in the 2020 Toyota Sienna review. In 2015, the interior and structure were significantly reviewed, the powertrain was replaced two years later, and other important updates were made to functional content thereafter. During that time, however, Kia Sedona and Honda Odyssey were completely redesigned and Chrysler Pacifica became a thing. The Nissan Quest was reborn and died again. No one seemed to notice.

2021 Toyota Sienna Concept

Anyway, 2021 Toyota Sienna Concept has very long teeth, but these fresh spy photos show that it will eventually go see the dentist. That metaphor works, covered with rich black plastic, but this is definitely not another warm on the current van version. Note that the door mirror has been migrated to a door and the small quarter window above it is adjacent to the main front side window, not in the A pillar. The rear quarter also looks quite different, and unlike the Lexus RX, it shows some ascending factors. Of course that bit of camouflage could be a remnant from an old RX test vehicle that has been used to throw us away, but Toyota has not only recently made in the two Honda Odysseys As well as over-top styling, it seems likely to try to make the area more interesting.

Large wheels, lower grille mesh and flared rocker panels suggest that this particular next generation Sienna is SE, “Sporty” trim level with tighter suspension and steering tuning (current version above) . Like the recently redesigned Camry and Avalon, considering the handling improvements inherent in Toyota’s TNG platform that will reliably support the new minivan, I think the dynamic gap between Siena’s LE and SE trim levels will narrow Seems reasonable.

Despite the new platform, the current powertrain is expected to carry almost unchanged, possibly apart from minor power bumps. Also, most TNG cars are available as hybrid cars, so you won’t be surprised to see the new Sienna Hybrid. Is Chrysler Pacifica’s hybrid a “plug-in”?

Considering how comprehensive the test car is, the next-generation 2021 Toyota Sienna Concept seems to be close to completion. You won’t be surprised to see it at the Los Angeles Motor Show in November or earlier. Sales will not be long. It certainly helps explain why 2020 Siena was announced so early.

The SUV / crossover explosion is in full swing, but the minivan is not dead yet. In fact, for a Doll All Family vehicle with a seven-seater seat, you can still find more than a few opinions that favor a minivan as an excellent machine. Toyota Sienna has a long history with the shrinking minivan segment, but it continues to live in the fourth generation as can be seen in the new spy photos of these brands.

The prototype has recently undergone hot weather testing in Death Valley, California, and I imagine that a wide range of camouflage tarps are taking on further cooling challenges. This is the first time to see a next-generation minivan, and the exterior design elements are good and really unclear for Toyota’s credit.

Looking closely in front of the white mesh, I suspect that a transformation similar to the current Camry and Avalon sedan will increase the van according to Toyota’s current design language, but the sudden face of the van is still there Suggests that. The heavy cover hides about everything else, yet this prototype driver pulls out the tarp so that our spy camera doesn’t catch anything that might be visible.

That did not stop our source from doing some extra digging. Today, 2021 Toyota Sienna Concept believes that it will be able to grow slightly in all directions, taking advantage of Toyota’s new modular architecture. It makes this spacious three-row van more spacious and will get the most when its last row probably comes into the head and leg room. As for power, there is the familiar 3.5-liter V6 of the 8-speed automatic, and all-wheel drive is an option. In addition, hybrid models must also arrive in next-generation vans.

The current 2021 Toyota Sienna Concept has undergone a minor refresh of the 2018 model, but the third-generation platform dates back to 2010. Therefore, Toyota expects that the new Sienna will be fully revealed as the 2021 model from the beginning to the middle of next year.