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2021 Toyota Tundra Concept

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2021 Toyota Tundra Concept – Truck enthusiasts are among the most passionate people on the planet. They love their trucks! One of the most loyal groups is TundraCrew, a tundra-strong, tundra-proud online group of 40,000 people strong. I asked them a simple question: “how would you redesign the 2021 tundra if it was up to you?” You can imagine the wide range of thoughts and opinions I have received. It was both enlightening and fascinating.

What are we working on now?

The Toyota Tundra is one of the most reliable and reliable trucks around. We have had many tundra drivers reach well over 200,000 miles. In fact, two well-known tundra have gone over that mythical 1,000,000 miles mark! The Tundra is available as a 4.6 L and 5.7 L V8 engine that can produce 381 horsepower and 401 lb.-ft. torque. Both engines have a 6-speed automatic transmission. The 2019 tundra is available in 2 cab configurations – double cab and CrewMax. CrewMax is famous for its gigantic rear seats and a 5.5 foot bed.

Performance of Toyota Tundra – How Would New Tundra Drive?

Suggestions were plentiful, but members of TundraCrew would like to see a new Powertrain Control consisting of an 8-speed automatic transmission or more. The 5.7 L V8 engine is still very popular, but people would love to see class-leading horsepower, torque and towing capabilities. Some wanted towing capacity of 12,000 pounds. Increased payload would also be helpful.

It came as no surprise that respondents need an improvement in gas mileage. Fuel costs can impact a family’s budget tremendously, and some people would be grateful to see fuel estimates come to 20+ mpg.

The most popular overall request was a useful locking rear differential and / or limited slip differential to tackle tough terrain and obstacles.

2021 Toyota Tundra Concept

One of the most polarizing aspects was the cab size and bed length of the CrewMax. Many TundraCrew members suggested offering CrewMax bed options, possibly 6 ‘and 6.5’ lengths. The question is, would you take a seat away from the rear seating area or keep the same and just make that configuration longer?

Other popular answers: a 3/4 ton model, a manual option, large massive brakes, remote locking tailgate (overwhelming response), enhanced Toyota safety Sense (TSS 2.0 as seen in newer RAV4 and Corolla models), full range of LED headlights, accent lights, fog lights and taillights, slides on all 4×4’s, bird’s eye view camera, bed steps and locking bed storage.

Interior-what should be included?

Although the tundra has been updated a few times along the way, it has been a long time since it has seen a new design. Along these lines, drivers had more than enough suggestions for interior updates.

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A good fit and finish goes a long way. People responded they would like a modern look and feel inside their new tundra. With it comes both comfortable fabric and leather seating with plenty of padding and lumbar support. Offering both heated and cooled front seats is a huge bonus.

The Smart Key push button start was a feature many truck enthusiasts requested. I thought the most practical answer was to make dual temperature control available on SR5 trim and above. My wife and I are about 10 degrees apart – what about you? We need it!

A superior sound system and speakers that offer crystal clear sound was a great suggestion. I mean, we all spend so much time in our vehicles. Sound is crucial! People asking for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto will be happy, as Toyota has already announced that they are installing these hugely popular programs beginning with the 2020 tundra, and also the 2020 Tacoma (Read about the new TRD Pro here). See my latest story comparing the 2019 tundra to the 2019 Toyota Tacoma.

Rear seating was also a hot topic. Going by the theme that we spend so much time in our vehicles, drivers wanted their rear-seat passengers to have reclining seats with a strong air conditioning system. They should also have multiple USB ports, along with large cups and bottle holders. The hottest wish list item by far was to add “under back seat storage.”

Other suggestions were easy to use illuminated buttons and controls, larger front Cup holders and even a mini fridge in the center console (I’m pretty sure the Land Cruiser suggested this one!).

– Did anyone say diesel?

We’ve all heard rumors and rumors about this for over a decade, but people are yelling for a diesel option. Will it happen? Only time will tell. But these are the 9 things Toyota Tundra owners want from Toyota and diesel is one of them.

Also, building on the theme of improved gas mileage, what would a tundra hybrid look and drive like? What would gas mileage estimates be?

It would be a solid idea to offer a basic work truck that does its job and does well. No frills, no high-tech, maybe a front bench seat. Just a tundra that will last almost forever and be reasonably priced.

Although there were many ideas offered up to redesign the new tundra, some just wished it would remain the same. “Don’t change too much into a truck that is really good. Simplicity is the reason tundra has reliability. You want a truck for life and save money in the long run — get a tundra as it is!”

A happy recent tundra buyer summed things up from another perspective, “I just bought a brand new 2019 so don’t change anything for 3 more years. I don’t want buyer’s remorse lol.”

What features and options would you like to see in the new tundra? What things would you change, and what would you want left exactly the same? “Thanks for reading everyone and see you next story!