2022 Toyota Corolla GR Sport Wagon Review

2022 Toyota Corolla GR Sport Wagon Review

2022 Toyota Corolla GR Sport Wagon Review – The Toyota Corolla is in line for the GR treatment, with a full-fledged hot hatch that comes in 2023 to take the fight towards the Volkswagen golf GTI and HYUNDAI i30N. This is the word from the United Kingdom, at least, where AutoExpress reports the Corolla GR will make use of the same engine as the soon-to-launch Yaris GR-who also happen to be the most powerful three-cylinder engine in the world.

2022 Toyota Corolla GR Sport Wagon Review

That engine, a 1.6-litre Turbo three-cylinder, is a pint-sized giant, which is 200kW and 370Nm of Punch that completely defiseer its size and cylinder count. The new international information connects neatly with CarsGuide’s own, with the Yaris GR’s main engineer, Naohiko Saito, and tells us that it will be “waste time” for that engine to be used only in the one GR-model.

“It wastes time to use a quad system and this 1.6-litre engine (for one car). Personally, I would like to use this power source for each of the other (Gr) models, “He said for Carsguide at the launch of the Gr Yaris in Portugal. The Corolla GR, then, would marry the engine and AWD system (the latter a modified version of the RAV4’s 4WD Setup), with Toyota’s priced TNGA platform and a single-tune sports suspension. And indeed, this sounds like a tempting recipe.

It will also be enough to push the Corolla GR to the top of the hot hatch pole, from-punching the wave GTI (180kW and 370Nm) and the HYUNDAI i30 N (202kW and 33Nm), and even push it close to golf R territory (213kW and 380Nm). The new model is now in mystery, but if the international reports prove accurate, Corolla will be a new name in the hot hatch world.

Toyota in Australia is not yet to confirm the model, but said CarsGuide that if such a vehicle would become available, the brand would be first in the queue for it. “We have always said that if international GR product is available, we would have our hand for it,” said a Toyota spokesman for CarsGuide. “If a GR Corolla is available, and it was suitable for our market, it is definitely something that we want here. But at this point, we are to hear about anything. “

The latest version of the Toyota Corolla Hatchback looks cool, but let’s be honest – it’s not very hot. It was one of the biggest criticism aimed at the “dynamic Power ” engine, with only 168 horsepower and 151 lb-ft torque. Now, however, car and driver have some encouraging news in the form of a warmer version that will carry the GR (Gazoo Racing) badge.

Over the past few years, Toyota has been pushing down his reputation for making everyday cars. From the resurrected supra as the company’s Stralerse, we have TRD versions of the Camry and Avalon, a 302 wasp power RAV4 Prime plug-in hybrid, and a brand new 86 in the pipeline as well. Toyota even works on a hot GR Yaris overseas, though it is unlikely that we will see it here. Instead, this GR Corolla is the company’s olive branch to immerse enthusiasts who are looking for some alternatives to the Volkswagen golf GTI.

At the end, this hot Corolla will pack a mighty Turbo 1.6-litre engine with 257 horsepower and 266 lb-ft torque. That puts it right in line with the Mk8 Golf GTI, and in the same league as the HYUNDAI Veloster N. I will not count on Toyota going to berserk and offer al-wheel drive, but it will make the Corolla a notable option against the current contenders. It can even draw some people away from the Honda Civic Centre R, as the boy racer styling isn’t entirely your thing. The Toyota Corolla Hatchback seems cool, but it lacks the power to actually fit hot hatches rivals.

It must come in 2022

The substantial power bump will accompany the standard car’s essay on Toyota’s New global Architecture (TNGA) platform, but must incorporate a sporty ride through stiffer-suspensietuning and bigger wheels. Toyota already offers the standard Corolla Hatchback with a six-speed manual transfer, and they will have to stick with that here hot hatches enthusiasts.

Thankfully, the Corolla is already a pretty affordable car to start with. With serious performance upgrades, it’s not likely the car will run north of $30 000, keeping it well within reach of those who are considering a wave GTI or a Veloster N. If Toyota can match the power with their legendary reputation for reliability – an area where HYUNDAI has been challenging in recent years – they could only have a winner on their hands.